Test for free: Enjoy dynamic trial sitting.

Gain your own experience with active sitting for up to 4 weeks without any obligation and free of charge – at home or at the office.

Test the new sitting for up to four weeks. Free of charge and non-binding.

Your own experience is the most important argument for the healthier way of sitting and standing Test the new sitting for up to four weeks. Free of charge and non-binding. Wherever you need it most.

Experience has shown that in these weeks you can become familiar with all the settings and test them, and also appreciate what individual health potential sitting in motion may mean for you.

By the way: It happens quite often that testers feel it intensively: by sore back muscles. That is a certain proof that this way of sitting addresses muscles that have not been challenged for quite some time and are just waiting to be made fit again for their actual task – strengthening the back.

You will receive your test object delivered free. When no personal delivery has been agreed upon, we shall be happy to give you instructions by telephone. Our new video is a big help.

Just give us a call and make an appointment for a trial: +49 (0)8621 - 64 94 80 or send a

Customers who have tested the product for 4 weeks, say:

Prompt reaction, extensive and competent counseling, immediate delivery,...

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, actually, I could not really imagine that a product like the swopper can be upgraded or improved. Now that the swopper can be ordered via all kinds of different channels, I am sure my choice of ORBIS Naturana was the only right one. A prompt reaction, extensive and competent counseling, immediate delivery, the four-week testing period, exchange of the seat padding to achieve even more comfortable sitting, and the many trifles with regard to my questions demonstrate how you stand out on the market. Thanks a lot for everything and see you when I come to buy the next product." (Dietmar Lahm, 56340 Osterspai)

... it's a perfect piece of furniture that will not leave my office anymore.

"Hello Mr. Paetzelt, I have been looking for a new desk chair and stumbled upon the swopper 3 Dee, which made me a bit skeptical at first. 30 days of testing, unconditionally, so I wrote a mail and received a return call shortly afterwards. The answers to my questions were clear and intelligible – so I ordered the swopper 3 Dee. A few days later the package arrived, assembly was simple, instructions were clear and detailed. What shall I say, it's a perfect piece of furniture that will not leave my office anymore. My son (17) and my wife are convinced as well. Thanks a lot." (Carsten Rassmus, Finanzfachwirt (FH) und MFC®, 17438 Wolgast)

My back pain at work is gone.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, Thank you very much for the competent, pleasant advice. Your company's service is excellent. I have been able to test the swopper for 4 weeks and would not want to miss it anymore. My back pain at work is gone. Keep up the good work! Grade A1!" (Carina Bergner Naturkosmetikerin, 91564 Neuendettelsau)

That way, two things "disappear" at the same time: Your swopper, my back pain

"...Thanks a lot for your great service that enabled me to use the swopper for four weeks in my office without any obligation. The telephone instructions for the body-friendly adjustment was just as smooth as the simple assembly beforehand. I work full-time mainly sitting at the computer and have immediately sat on the swopper without any interruption. Result: Within a week, the often grueling pain in the lower spinal area was a thing of the past. That way, two things "disappear" at the same time: Your swopper, my back pain. Thank you so much." S. van der Mond, 14979 Großbeeren

The best buy in my life: my swopper!!

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, thanks again for the prompt delivery and the "testing period" you granted for my swopper. A few months have passed since, and it is almost as if a miracle has happened. Already after two weeks I noticed a distinct improvement. And now? No more back pain whatsoever, all neck tensions are a thing of the past, even my masseur can't believe it. The best buy in my life: my swopper!! Kind regards from Alsace" (Karin Wilhelm-Thalmann & Associates, F-68420 Husseren les Chateaux)

Good counseling, uncomplicated order procedure by phone, and fast delivery.

"Hello Mr. Paetzelt, Thanks so much for the trial period, the swopper has totally convinced me and my back. Now that I use it in the office, I get a lot more motion and my "old" office chair is now only in use as a visitor's chair. Sitting in front of the computer is easy to handle with the swopper movement. I can only recommend testing it. I am also convinced by the good counseling, the uncomplicated order procedure, and the fast delivery. Kindest regards to you and your team," Claudia Engel, 84183 Niederviehbach

I am very happy with my swopper and enjoy it every day.

"I spend many hours at the computer and had a nice-looking, antique but ergonomically not really valuable chair that I used. A year ago the back of my left thigh began to hurt. I experienced a nagging pain when I got up. I had to change my sitting position continuously, cross one leg, then the other, get up in between, etc. Even my doctor could not tell me what might cause it. I figured circulatory disorders could be precluded, because I am a passionate runner. Things were getting worse and worse though, so that it was not long before I could not sit anywhere without being in pain. Sometime it occurred to me that my beautiful chair might cause the problems, so I ordered your swopper for a one-month test. And lo and behold, the pull became lighter and lighter and is actually not a problem anymore. I am very happy with my swopper and enjoy it every day." Ina Mayer, exxtra-design, 83071 Stephanskirchen