Pilot projects: Free test with discount for businesses.

Cost-efficient special offer within the framework of company health management

ORBIS Naturana's pilot project give enterprises the chance to test health improvement within the company through correct sitting and standing at the workplace for several employees at a time without any obligations and free of charge.

For chairs and standing aids that are bought within the framework of a pilot project or because of it, special conditions apply.

This is how it works:

  • At least five persons – particularly employees with back problems – test the selected ORBIS Naturana products for at least four weeks.
  • All subjects get a short introduction to workplace layout, behavior prevention, seat ergonomics and optimization, and operation as well as functions of the active swivel chairs and ergonomic standing aids.
  • At the end of the test, all persons involved will be asked to note their personal experiences in a 4-page questionnaire.

More information and registration by phone: +49 (0)8621 - 64 94 80.