Purchase with safety net: 3 month money back guarantee

ORBIS Naturana will refund the purchase price when active sitting in motion does not convince you.

ORBIS Naturana wants to have satisfied customers. That's why ORBIS Naturana consistently grants a three-month money back guarantee after purchase to their customers – beyond the extensive delivery and testing service. This entails that the purchase price is fully refunded. Unconditionally. That way, enterprises and individuals protect themselves against aggravating misinvestments.

"Your own experience is the measure of all things", says Bernd Paetzelt. "Every person is different, everyone reacts differently. Should the spontaneous fun of activated, back-healthy sitting not fulfill my customers' expectations, they must not be bothered by it. I then take the product back and refund the sales price by check.

Take opportunities - without any risk.

ORBIS Naturana wants everyone who would like to get to know dynamic sitting, to say: I'll give it a try. For my back's sake. You cannot go wrong there – just gain a new experience. Without financial risk.

Security needs time

Many people notice immediately: Ergonomically optimized sitting in motion is good for you, strengthens your back, invigorates, gives you a kick. However, quite often a body that has been used to sitting on conventional, rigid chairs for many years, needs time to adapt. ORBIS Naturana customers can take that time. And that means they get the chance for a notably better quality of life – just by sitting better.