Children's desk chair swoppster for kids

First 3D active children's desk chair – for health and motion right from the start.

Children need a lot of motion for a healthy development of body and mind. Especially in the first ten to eleven years of their lives. Nature has prepared them for that – children want to be in motion all the time. When they are allowed to…
Often however, when school starts, that's when their sitting career starts as well. All of a sudden, sitting is the thing to do instead of frolicking, clambering, and running.

Children spend too much time sitting.

On average, even elementary school students nowadays spend as much time sitting as employees: up to 9 hours!
Back problems, lack of exercise with postural problems, concentration problems, and coordination deficits are the result.

More motion is needed – and possible.

The new swoppster children's desk chair is a 3D active children's desk chair that requires and stimulates constant change of posture and has been especially conceived for beginning sitters from 4 years as well as for students. The swoppster desk chair thus helps to stimulate concentration, strengthen the back, and prevent postural and back problems. And it is fun into the bargain. A wise investment in your child's future.

  • Active sitting stimulates both productivity and concentration.
  • The swoppster desk chair grows along with the child: Perfect for kindergarten-age and school-age children.
  • Adjustable in accordance with weight and joy of movement.
  • Good posture – strong back.
  • Recommended by doctors and motion experts.

The swoppster children's desk chair is available in 4 fantastic colors selected by children; it is sturdy, can be used with either rollers or feet, and has deliberately been conceived without a backrest – for really free, vital sitting.

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Children need more motion – it is indeed possible!

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