swoppster children's armchair – swopper for kids

First 3D active children's chair in the world – for more health and motion right from the start.

Lack of exercise at a youthful age – largely caused by prolonged and incorrect sitting at school, when doing homework, playing music or games, in front of the TV – leads to postural problems, back problems, troubles with concentration, and much more.

Motion makes you smart

Science has proven: For a healthy development of children's bodies and minds, motion is essential. Particularly in the first decade of their lives. Because that is the period in which the brain's neuronal networks are being formed, for which the senso-motoric stimuli generated by movement are indispensable.

Renowned sports and motion scientist dr. Dieter Breithecker, campaigner of the Aktion Gesunder Kinderrücken (campaign for healthy children's backs), a common initiative of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e.V. (BAG – Federal consortium for stimulation of posture and motion) from Wiesbaden and the Aktion gesunder Rücken (AGR – campaign for healthy backs) emphasizes:

"Daily physical activity strengthens both motor and cognitive abilities. Healthy development of body, mind, and soul is only possible when sufficient offers and occasions for motion are available to the youngsters."

swoppster children's desk chair: More motion – better chances.

"The three-dimensionally flexible children's swivel stool does 100 percent justice to these requirements. It complies with the children's natural urge to move. The swoppster children's stool

  • is more flexible than any other,
  • requires and stimulates constant changes of posture,
  • improves learing abilities, attention, and concentration,
  • reduces physical and emotional tensions,
  • strengthens the back,
  • prevents postural shortcomings and back problems,
  • can be individually adjusted to height, weight, and general joy of movement.

A study by the Institute for Biomechanics of the Saarland University stresses the preventive effect of active-dynamic sitting for posture and certifies that the subjects sitting on the swopper children's chair are better supplied with oxygen due to the chair's dynamics.

Nice to know:

  • The swoppster is "Made in Germany"
  • 100 percent free of chromium, cadmium, and lead-containg materials
  • Produced with low emission and free of harmful substances
  • Subjected to strict quality controls
  • TOXPROOF certified
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Children need a lot of motion – it is possible!

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