Swopper with backrest

The only 3D swopper with backrest, TÜV certificate, and DIN EN 1335 certification

Today most absence days in the office are caused by back problems that arise by inactivity during motionless sitting. swopper WORK, the office swivel chair with backrest, enables more motion in the office than any other desk chair does. The swopper requires and stimulates ergonomically perfect sitting in motion and is the only 3D movable office chair with backrest to meet all TÜV requirements according to DIN 1335 for office work chairs.

Back pain hurts the employer as well.

Sick staff cause high cost and disorganization in the office. The conscious decision for workplaces with an ergonomically useful design constitutes a rapidly amortizing investment. Ergonomically useful does not mean rest and comfort but sitting in motion. swopper WORK, the active-dynamic office swivel chair with backrest, has been specifically designed for more movement in the office and actively contributes to a reduction of absence days due to back problems.

Strengthening the staff's backs

Nowadays, app. 85 percent of daily worktime is spent sitting. Ergonomists and occupational physicians think that is too much. swopper WORK, the 3D-active office chair with backrest, abolishes motionless sitting. It requires and stimulates active sitting in motion with many varying sitting positions and thus strengthens your staff's backs.

The special advantages of the swopper office chair with backrest:

This special swopper variant for the ergonomically ideal office is the only office chair with backrest to enable three-dimensional sitting in motion, features a minimum seat depth of 42 cm according to DIN 1335, is equipped with rollers, a back-friendly backrest, and velvety rest cover. Plus, it is available in many colors.

Your personal contact - Mr. Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Sitting without back pain – it is possible!

Give it a try:

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Technical data:
Height:42 - 57 cm loaded, 50 - 62 cm unloaded
Spring:60 - 120 kg
Weight:17 kg
Footring:Ø 55 cm, color Anthracite or Titanium,
Ø 58 cm with universal rollers according to DIN EN 12529
Cover material:Microfiber Gabriel Comfort, leather, Softex
Cover colors:Ferrarired Smoke gray Royal blue Terracotta Pistacchio Violet Black Leather black Leatherette stamskin white
Backrest:included, with cover (four colors to choose from: black, red, gray, blue)