swopper TITAN health stool

Healthy sitting without back pain? It is possible!

The swopper TITAN health stool offers all the advantages of back-friendly sitting in motion just as the swopper CLASSIC sitting stool. The stool only distinguishes itself by the base color: Column and footring have a titanium-colored powder coating. An optically classy variant that supports harmonious integration of the "swopper" in any surroundings – according to personal preference.

With the swopper health stool, functional and optical individuality are given high priority.

The various possibilities to choose from regarding the look of the "3D active seat" – base color, cover material and color, rollers or backrest – support the function of the back-friendly and human-friendly "swopper" laid out for singularity. Because the swopper health stool reverses the adaptation principle: Now the human does not have to adapt to the office chair anymore and "break his back sitting hunched up" – the swopper adapts to the person sitting on it. With every single movement.

Healthy sitting is a matter of attitude

Sitting in motion is healthy sitting. But the feelgoodfactor plays a major role, too. Therefore the swopper health stool boasts triple adjustability to accomodate personal sitting preferences: in height, in swinging intensity, and in flexibility. That way, A swopper becomes YOUR swopper. At present this is one of the highest levels of individually adapted ergonomics and thus health prevention at your workplace.

Your personal contact - Mr. Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Sitting without back pain – it is possible!

Give it a try:

  • No time expenditure – ORBIS Naturana will deliver directly to the desired sitting place.
  • No risk – with ORBIS Naturana you can test at no charge for 4 weeks and have a 3 month money back guarantee after purchase.
  • With very good prospects to benefit from better sitting, more quality of life, and more fun on an everyday basis. Find out for yourself and let your body decide.
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Technical data:
Height:45 - 60 cm loaded, 52 - 65 cm unloaded
Spring:60 - 120 kg (medium)
Weight:11 kg
Footring:Ø 58 cm with universal rollers according to DIN EN 12529
Cover material:Microfiber Gabriel Comfort, leather (black), Stamskin (white)
Cover colors:Ferrarired Smoke gray Royal blue Terracotta Pistacchio Violet Black Leather black Leatherette stamskin white