swopper STANDARD

Active-dynamic sitting in three dimensions – a patented guarantee for more motion

As it were, the swopper STANDARD swivel chair is the basic model of swopper, the only 3D-flexible health chair: It provides more movement during sitting, strengthens the back, stimulates flexibility and stability of intervertebral discs, provides for a good sitting posture and encourages frequent changes of posture. It will keep the circulation invigorated even in a sitting position, stimulates oxygen supply to the brain, which enhances attention and productivity. And – like all swoppers – the swopper STANDARD swivel chair is a lot of fun.

The only difference between the swopper CLASSIC and this chair is the seat cover. The swopper STANDARD hybrid chair is equipped with SOFTEX cotton-synthetics texture – breathable, robust, and easy to clean. It can therefore be used preferably in the commercial sector. Because: Lots of sitting is not only done in offices. With the swopper STANDARD, businesses can offer a tailored solution for more ergonomics at the workplace, even in production and assembly operations, and thus actively and effectively contribute to better health, satisfaction, productivity, and motivation within the framework of holistic health management for their staff.

The three-dimensionally flexible active swivel chair swopper STANDARD is the most inexpensive swopper variant.

More sitting freedom for freedom from pain

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Sitting without back pain – it is possible!

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Technical data:
Height:45 - 60 cm loaded, 52 - 65 cm unloaded
Spring:60 - 120 kg (medium)
Weight:11 kg
Footring:Ø 55 cm, color Anthracite,
Ø 58 cm with universal rollers according to DIN EN 12529
Cover material:Softex
Cover colors:black