Vario standing/sitting seat muvman FACTORY

For more ergonomics and health at the workplace – particularly in the commercial sector

Productivity is a keyword in industry. Only healthy employees can meet the high demands on concentration, motivation, and productivity. Malpositions such as continuous sitting or permanent standing at the workplace lead to tensions, muscle hardening, circulation and metabolism disorders, spine, vertebral disc, and joint damage, as well as to lack of concentration and sub-par performance; thus, to sick employees or employees with health restrictions. And that means reduced productivity and high loss of working hours in production, dispatch, assembly, and lab.

Every other staff member has to stand always or most of the time during work – demanding ergonomic concepts counteract adverse health effects. This is exactly why the active standing/sitting seat muvman FACTORY has been developed. It not only enables ergonomically wise movement while sitting and sit-standing but stimulates it. And that means that body fitness, inner motivation, and productivity are stimulated as well; these factors thrive on optimized workplace design.

Its ergonomic advantages at a glance:

  • The muvman FACTORY standing/sitting seat is very versatile and suitable for working heights between 54 and 81 cm, or between 60 and 93 cm, respectively.
  • Thanks to its multidimensional mobility, it offers a wide reaching area and active, fatigue-free sit-standing.
  • It has a firm stand and can be quickly taken to various workplaces by means of the practical handle.
  • The central column is tilted forward by 4° – for an optimal posture in relation to the workplace.
  • The muvman variable standing/sitting seat for healthier sitting in motion and sit-standing is available in two bold colors for seat and base: black and grey. They can be combined at will. The muvman weighs 6.3 kg and introduces healthy momentum to any standing, sitting, working, and favorite spot.

The muvman FACTORY is perfect. Always and everywhere.

The muvman is an active standing/sitting seat that can be used both for desk height and for sit-standing height in almost all work areas, thanks to its large height-adjustment range. It can easily be adapted to any height and proportion, all you need to do is press the button. Great when several employees share one muvman.

Your personal contact - Mr. Bernd Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Try for yourself – your own judgment counts.

ORBIS Naturana offers excellent conditions for a personal test:

  • No time expenditure – ORBIS Naturana will deliver directly to the desired sitting place.
  • No risk – with ORBIS Naturana you can test at no charge for 4 weeks and have a 3 month money back guarantee after purchase.
  • You have very good prospects to benefit from better sitting, more quality of life, and more fun on an everyday basis. Find out for yourself and let your body decide.
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Technical data:
Sitting surface:34 x 32 cm
Sitting height:51 – 84 cm
Extras:Version HIGH with sitting height 60 – 93 cm
Incline:4° forward incline
Weight:6,3 kg
Base material:Glass fiber reinforced polyamide, lacquered
Seat cover:Robust synthetic leather
Height adjustment:Stepless, buttons left and right under the seat
Footplate:Dust protection / joint protection and circumferential no-slip and no-scratch rubber
Base colors:Grey black
Seat color:Black