swopper CLASSIC

The only 3D movable active sitting stool in the world – especially developed against back problems

Almost 80 % of the population in industrialized nations suffer from back pain. In most cases, lack of exercise is the cause – mainly due to improper sitting for hours on end. Because: On a conventional (office) chair, the body has to adapt to the chair. The consequence: You "break your back sitting hunched up", get back pain and muscular tension.

The ergonomic, spring-suspended active sitting stool swopper CLASSIC puts an end to back pain and muscular tension.

Thanks to its worldwide unique flexibility in three dimensions the sitting stool will adapt to you, not the other way round. This active, ergonomic sitting in motion – forward and backward, sideward, and also in the vertical plane (the unique swinging effect) – requires and stimulates healthy sitting with many varying sitting positions. Studies show that on the swopper sitting stool people move twice as much as on conventional seating furniture.

If you have to sit at all, then do it as active and free as possible: On the swopper

The swopper CLASSIC swivel stool

consists of an aluminum die-cast footring, a middle column with adjustable steel spring, and a convex-shaped, upholstered seat. Height, springiness, and lateral deflection are individually adjustable. The swopper CLASSIC swivel stool is available with various cover materials (micro fiber, leather, Stamskin), in many colors, also with rollers and with backrest.

Your personal contact - Mr. Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Try for yourself – your own judgment counts.

ORBIS Naturana offers excellent conditions for a personal test:

  • No time expenditure – ORBIS Naturana will deliver directly to the desired sitting place.
  • No risk – with ORBIS Naturana you can test at no charge for 4 weeks and have a 3 month money back guarantee after purchase.
  • You have very good prospects to benefit from better sitting, more quality of life, and more fun on an everyday basis. Find out for yourself and let your body decide.
  • Just call +49 (0)8621 - 64 94 80 or send us an e-mail
Technical details of the sitting stool:
Height:42 - 56 cm loaded, 47 - 56 cm unloaded (SMALL)
45 - 59 cm loaded, 52 - 66 cm unloaded (MEDIUM)
42 - 57 cm loaded, 50 - 62 cm unloaded (WORK)
49 - 69 cm loaded, 56 - 76 cm unloaded (HIGH)
Spring:40 - 70 kg (SMALL)
60 - 120 kg (Medium)
60 - 120 kg (WORK)
90 - 160 kg (STRONG)
Weight:11 kg
Footring:Ø 55 cm, color Anthracite,
Ø 58 cm with universal rollers according to DIN EN 12529
Cover material:Microfiber Gabriel Comfort, leather (black), Stamskin (white)
Cover colors:Ferrarired Smoke gray Royal blue Terracotta Pistacchio Violet Black Leather black Leatherette stamskin white