3Dee active office chair

The most innovative office chair for active sitting. Working ergonomically relaxed and feeling good all day - without compromises.

Thanks to its worldwide unique swopper technology, tried and tested for close to 20 years, the new 3Dee office chair by aeris combines the advantages of three-dimensionally flexible sitting with some optical attributes of conventional office chairs: 5-star base and backrest. It thereby joins dynamics and comfort in a new way and thus introduces – like all aeris products – more health and quality of life into the sedentary days of industrialized nations.

And as usual at aeris, numerous highly innovative extras make the new 3Dee very special among the office chairs on the market. What's most important: The patented swopper technology requires and stimulates natural movements. That means: A person can behave in accordance with his needs. Spontaneously, intuitively, and completely free – the chair follows his movement impulses sideward, forward, or backward, up or down – three-dimensionally, not linearly, like e.g. required by chairs with synchronous mechanisms. The possibility of active 3D sitting and moving corresponds to a wide range of qualified, man-friendly ergonomics at the office.

The advantages of the new 3Dee office chair at a glance:

Active: The spring-suspended 3Dee seat encourages frequent changes of posture. That strengthens and trains the back, invigorates circulation and mood, and additionally enhances fitness and productivity.

Relaxing: The backrest is provided with a sophisticated slat construction on the inside; its curvature can be ergonomically and comfortably adapted to any individual back form. Beside the lordosis curve the backrest curve can also be adjusted individually and by hand. The 3Dee's ergonomics backrest provides support without curtailing freedom of movement.

Carefully planned and healthy: Breathable multizone-comfort foam and the flexzone® technology realized in the front edge for optimal adaptation without pressure, combined with 3D flexibility, provide an immediately convincing, very pleasant sitting feeling.

High-Tech: Harmonious, smooth 3D-flexible movements during balancing of the equilibrium bring about continually changing sitting positions. In 3Dee too, the patented swopper technology therefore enables more healthy, ergonomically correct motion during sitting than any conventional office chair. And because the 3Dee leans forward when the person turns towards the workplace, his or her back remains upright and unbent even at the desk.

Custom-fit and intuitive: Five adjustment possibilities that can be set by feel and as required, make it easy to adapt the 3Dee to suit the sitting person optimally: Height, weight, mobility, backrest pressure, and intensity of the backrest curvature.

Your personal contact - Mr. Bernd Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Sitting without back pain – it is possible!

Give it a try:

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Technical data:
Height:42 - 56 cm loaded, 50 - 64 cm unloaded
Spring:60 - 120 kg (medium) or COMFORTPLUS for 45 – 59 cm sitting height
Weight:20 kg
Seat width:46 cm
Seat depth:41 – 46 cm
5-star base:Ø 75 cm
Cover material:100 % Trevira CS, Gabriel Step/Step Melange, or premium leather
Cover colors:
Trevira CS3Dee coral 3Dee grey melange 3Dee black
Micro fiberOffice chair 3Dee ferraro-red Office chair 3Dee smoke-gray Office chair 3Dee royal-blau Office chair 3Dee black
PREMIUM leather3Dee leather black
Backrest:43 cm high, physiologically optimized form, adaptable curvature