Ergonomic office chairs, sitting without back pain – it is possible!

… because the sitting piece swopper & Co. will bring motion into sitting.

Today, office workers spend 80 % of the day sitting. Even children are not exempt from this sitting marathon: They too sit in school, when they do their homework, play, play music, or watch TV and engage in computer games for up to nine hours per day.

The chair has become a central element in our lives. We should therefore place high demands on these pieces of furniture: both regarding quality and functionality, ergonomics and back friendliness, and regarding individual configuration and adaptability. No matter where we sit often: In company offices, administration, public authorities, or organizations, in doctors' offices, laboratories, and beauty parlors, in the home office, as a hairdresser, dentist, cashier, or when learning, doing handicrafts, playing…

Chairs as if tailor-made – for every type and every deployment location

With their program for sitting in motion, ORBIS Naturana offers appropriate sitting concepts for many different requirements on the highest international level of development:

With this large choice of active sitting furniture by aeris near Munich, specialized on sitting in motion and innovative concepts, ORBIS Naturana has deliberately chosen a portfolio which enables every customer to benefit from the high ergonomic excellence, the internationally recognized quality, and the design that has received several awards. The active sitting furniture swopper & co. enables – scientifically proven, tried and tested – more healthy sitting in motion than conventional office chairs or classical sitting furniture.

Your personal contact - Mr. Paetzelt

Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Try for yourself – your own judgment counts.

ORBIS Naturana offers excellent conditions for a personal test:

  • No time expenditure – ORBIS Naturana will deliver directly to the desired sitting place.
  • No risk – with ORBIS Naturana you can test at no charge for 4 weeks and have a 3 month money back guarantee after purchase.
  • You have very good prospects to benefit from better sitting, more quality of life, and more fun on an everyday basis. Find out for yourself and let your body decide.
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