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Dear customers, dear swopper users,

Who would not have noticed that I am completely convinced – of the swopper and the 3D sittting principle. I like to pass that conviction on – with great enthusiasm and corresponding service.

And because swopper & Co are a really dear to my heart, I am glad about everyone who shares my enthusiasm and documents that with a "fan statement". Below you will find a selection, which has of course been authorized. Do you find your own reaction? What are your personal experiences with the swopper, muvman, or 3Dee?

I would be happy to hear from you.

Best regards

Bernd Paetzelt

At any rate I would not want to miss my SWOPPER anymore

"Good morning, Mr. Paetzelt, let me tell you about my impressions after several weeks of SWOPPER time: In the beginning it took some getting used to sitting on a movable seat without a backrest. Indeed I had to get used to it, but it was not unpleasant right from the start – just different. You had told me that the back would be complaining after a couple of days and that the pain might get worse. That's exactly what happened, but already on day three improvement set on, just as you had predicted. The back pain got less from day to day. Now I have been completely back pain-free for several weeks on end – and I love this condition. At any rate I would not want to miss my SWOPPER anymore." (Jürgen Feulner, MAN Truck & Bus AG, 80995 München)

This free service makes my heart swop even more for joy.

"I tried a colleague's swopper 3 years ago and knew immediately – I want it too. I got it a week later and was very happy with it. Motion and feeling vital are so important to me. It is a wonderful gift that I can experience this at my desk now. Originally, I had a swopper with rollers for wall-to-wall carpets. However, the carpets were removed a few months ago. Now, swopping with rollers became a bit insecure on the smooth floor. I called Mr. Paetzelt and told him about my problem. Two days later I received an exchange swopper ring with gliders, modification tools, and instructions. This free service makes my heart swop even more for joy. Thanks, Mr. Paetzelt." (Roland Eggert, 99096 Erfurt)

For the elderly it enhances the quality of life as well.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, right in front of me lies the packing slip dated April 1. It is as I expected right from the start. I would like to keep the swopper, exactly the way it stands and swings here with me. For elderly people it certainly enhances life too, provided you do not put yourself under too much pressure at the beginning. Then the hangover starts to be felt - with muscles that have not been moved in a sitting position for a long time. This has been over for two weeks now. So I shall be happy to receive your invoice. But of course I would like to get a good price. One final remark: I liked your tranquil, matter-of-fact manner, a far cry from all those loud advertising calls." (Britta Rotter (75 Jahre))

I have nothing but praise for Orbis Naturana's excellent service

"An aesthetically designed piece of sitting furniture, constructed with a very high level of workmanship. Unfortunately, I found sitting on the swopper rather straining instead of relieving in the long run. I want to praise the excellent service by Orbis Naturana, the personal and very friendly counseling by Mr. Paetzelt on the phone, the uncomplicated handling of the return transport, and the prompt return of the amount paid. Thanks so much again." (Markus Wengrzik aus Lünen)

I won't ever give it up anymore

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, I would like to thank you for the pleasant and competent advice and the outstanding service. I was looking for an office chair for my home office. An acquaintance recommended the swopper to me. I was very skeptical, since I could not imagine sitting on a chair without a backrest and without rollers all day. Then I found your company on the Internet, with its offer to test the chair for four weeks. That tipped the scales, so I ordered the swopper. Even after a very short time I have come to the conclusion that there cannot be a better chair for me. I won't ever give it up anymore. Thanks again to you and your team." (Manuela Burghart, Landratsamt, 82380 Peißenberg)

I would like to thank you once more for your company's really outstanding service.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, today I would like to thank you once more for your company's really outstanding service. The four-week trial period, which I could start directly after having left hospital, thanks to you, and in which I got to test both the swopper and the 3Dee, made the decision for my new office chair considerably easier. I spend my days in front of the screen – formerly on a typical office chair (which was probably not the main cause of the slipped disk in the lumbar spine, but has certainly contributed to it), recently on my new swopper. The substantially more active sitting on the swopper – even when compared to the 3Dee – gives me the confirmation that I have made the right decision every day. Chronologically, picking up the selected chairs and the delivery and assembly of the new swopper were excellently coordinated. It could not be better! Grade: A plus! My son (17) is already looking forward to the holiday season like a toddler. Why? He wants a swopper for Christmas. Thanks again to you and your team." (Bernd Gössel, Lektorat correctus e. K., Fürth)

More customer friendliness is not imaginable

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, some time ago I made use of your service. Even though we have not done business after all, I would like to thank you for your service and can definitely recommend your company to everybody. More customer friendliness than you offer is not imaginable. You are a counselor in the best sense of the word, not just a salesman." (B. Seljan, 64646 Heppenheim)

Prompt reaction, extensive and competent counseling, immediate delivery,...

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, actually, I could not really imagine that a product like the swopper can be upgraded or improved. Now that the swopper can be ordered via all kinds of different channels, I am sure my choice of ORBIS Naturana was the only right one. A prompt reaction, extensive and competent counseling, immediate delivery, the four-week testing period, exchange of the seat padding to achieve even more comfortable sitting, and the many trifles with regard to my questions demonstrate how you stand out on the market. Thanks a lot for everything and see you when I come to buy the next product." (Dietmar Lahm, 56340 Osterspai)

Fast. Reliable. And good for our health.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, when we were looking for a new office chair/stool to promote back health, we found the swopper and thus your company. The request was sent, you called back immediately. Within two weeks you visited our premises for an extensive demonstration and instructions. The result: We have ordered several swoppers (Classic and Air) for our employees to sit on and test. Mr. Paetzelt, I am sure there will be more orders to come. Thank you so much for the reliable, very fast, and professional service." (Petra Hofstadt, All for One Steeb AG, 87700 Memmingen)

...that's the kind of customer service I love, because it's not what you usually get.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, I wish to sincerely thank you for your enthused support with regard to the reimbursement of costs concerning "swopper office" and in particular for the prompt and uncomplicated handling. Great, that's the kind of customer service I love, because it's not what you usually get. At any rate, I will highly recommend you to everyone." (Barbara Steiger, 67591 Hohen-Sülzen)

At last I have no more back pain from work.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, I am more than happy with my individual swopper, thanks to your great advice. At last I have no more back pain from work. The almost chronic headache caused by tension and an often pinched nerve in the lumbar spine area that was painful as well, have disappeared as if by magic since I have the swopper. The hefty price made me hesitate for quite a while - but the Swopper is really worth every cent; the best investment I could ever make in my own health." (Janine Birkenstock, Wuppertal)

My back pain at work is gone.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, Thank you very much for the competent, pleasant advice. Your company's service is excellent. I have been able to test the swopper for 4 weeks and would not want to miss it anymore. My back pain at work is gone. Keep up the good work! Grade A1!" (Carina Bergner Naturkosmetikerin, 91564 Neuendettelsau)


"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, SUPER SERVICE, fast SPECIAL DELIVERY, PERFECT SITTING! What more could you want? Thank you very much for your personal visit to exchange my swopper spring ….without any additional cost! Where else can you find that nowadays? This piece of furniture is good-looking too and has become indispensable in our office. We shall be happy to recommend you." (Liane Lang Immobilien, 69207 Sandhausen)

... it's a perfect piece of furniture that will not leave my office anymore.

"Hello Mr. Paetzelt, I have been looking for a new desk chair and stumbled upon the swopper 3 Dee, which made me a bit skeptical at first. 30 days of testing, unconditionally, so I wrote a mail and received a return call shortly afterwards. The answers to my questions were clear and intelligible – so I ordered the swopper 3 Dee. A few days later the package arrived, assembly was simple, instructions were clear and detailed. What shall I say, it's a perfect piece of furniture that will not leave my office anymore. My son (17) and my wife are convinced as well. Thanks a lot." (Carsten Rassmus, Finanzfachwirt (FH) und MFC®, 17438 Wolgast)

Thanks for the great swopper service.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, We would like to thank you once more for your generous service to our "ailing" swopper. The swopper is and will remain one of our favorite pieces and we hope it will be with us for many years to come." (Familie H. aus Dachau)

In my opinion the service you have offered straightforwardly and pragmatically is by no means a matter of course...

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, a while ago, you delivered a new swopper to my colleague, Mrs. Schwarze. On that occasion you kindly exchanged the spring in my chair. Unfortunately, I missed out on you when you visited our office again, so I would like to thank you herewith. In my opinion the service you have offered straightforwardly and pragmatically is by no means a matter of course and I want you to know that I am more than happy with the new spring. Thank you again." (Dipl.-Geol. Silvia Dörhöfer, UCL Umwelt Control Labor GmbH, 44536 Lünen)

For almost three weeks it has been mine now: A swopper with saddle seat - and I am absolutely excited!

"Even after eight hours of work at the goldsmith table while sitting on this seat the former problems such as cramps in the back, leg numbness, and swollen ankles are a matter of the past :-). Work is a lot easier now, because sitting by itself is not strenuous anymore and the back stays loose. Starting into a late quitting time is also much more pleasant, because I can enjoy the evening without back pain. A further very helpful side effect is my improved sleep, because tossing, turning, and constant waking up due to back pain has ceased to exist. Thank you very much for having developed the swopper, and also for your very good advice and customer service. Best regards and keep up the good work with the swopper." (Christiane Scheu, Ornamentum ex Medio, 75305 Neuenbürg)

I have had the swopper for 5 years now. I have not had any back pain since then.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, I have had the swopper for 5 years now. I haven't had any back pain anymore when I sit in the office...:)) Unfortunately, my job requires that I sit a lot, but that is no problem with the swopper. Now and then, circumstances require me to sit on conventional office chairs. That's when I notice my neuralgic spot at my back, from which the pain used to originate. So I am always happy when I can return to my swopper." (Roland Zehentmaier, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, 83115 Neubeuern)

I am still enthusiastic about it and can only recommend it to everybody.

"...App. 10 years ago I have bought the swopper from you. Since then, I sit on it every (!) day. I am still enthusiastic about it and can only recommend it to everybody. continue reading [PDF 183 KB]“(Albert Hunklinger ,Hunklinger allortech GmbH & Co.KG, 85635 Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn)

...Thanks a lot for your counseling and your outstanding service

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, Thank you very much for your counseling and your outstanding service when I looked for the office chair that meets my expectations. The option you offered - testing not just one, but two chairs - was a great help to me. The 3Dee fulfills all my wishes and does me a lot of good." Freundliche Grüße aus Trier, E.M.

...I wish to confirm my absolute satisfaction to you, dear Mr. Paetzelt.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, to complete the purchase of my two new sitting companions, the swopper WORK and the swopper AIR, I wish to confirm my absolute satisfaction to you. Both your personal accompanying service in the phase of my buying decision and the prompt and fully uncomplicated delivery as well as the extremely simple assembly satisfied me completely. My expectations with respect to the more than convincing alleviation of my back stiffness and neck pain, respectively, and also in the lumbar spine area during and especially after desk work surpasses my expectations by far. Originally, I intended to choose one of the two trial models for my office. Now I am going to keep both, since I would not want to miss this body support when I work at home. For many years, I was reluctant to spend money for this purchase. After all, in the long run no long-term improvement could be seen with the various chairs I bought in the course of time. With you, I got lots of time to test the chairs and see for myself without any pressure that your products are really effective. Let us not forget the beautiful design of the chairs and stools. They blend in smoothly with both the antique office landscape in my home and the very modern, rectilinear office interior of my professional surroundings. I do wish you get many customers who have the courage to try and invest in their physical wellbeing. With luminous regards from the beautiful Taunus region," Petra Shana´sharina Brönner, 63069 Offenbach/Main


"A late afternoon in August, a telephone call - a counseling talk. The very next morning I received the shipment. - So far, so good. As instructed, I did not spend too much time in one stretch on the new chair on my first afternoon ... and I knew ... - still I wanted to spend another day with it. And I realized: That one is mine now. Maybe I could have told you right away. Yet I added the granted trial sitting time because, well, because I failed to notice that it might not be around anymore. In small steps my back (lumbago problem) got better, there is no tension buildup anymore. I am fine, because my back is fine. CAN'T BE BETTER. THANK YOU." Renate Kaibach-Heins, 71336 Waiblingen

That way, two things "disappear" at the same time: Your swopper, my back pain

"...Thanks a lot for your great service that enabled me to use the swopper for four weeks in my office without any obligation. The telephone instructions for the body-friendly adjustment was just as smooth as the simple assembly beforehand. I work full-time mainly sitting at the computer and have immediately sat on the swopper without any interruption. Result: Within a week, the often grueling pain in the lower spinal area was a thing of the past. That way, two things "disappear" at the same time: Your swopper, my back pain. Thank you so much." S. van der Mond, 14979 Großbeeren

Everything you have promised me regarding "good sitting" about the swopper, has come true or was even surpassed.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, Everything you have promised me regarding "good sitting" about the swopper, has come true or was even surpassed. I have vertebral slipping in the lumbar spine, which was painful when I sat on "normal" office chairs. I have been looking for the perfect office chair for years, but I never found the one that felt really good. I cannot charm away the vertebral slipping, nevertheless the back pain in the lumbar spine is gone. I further notice that my back muscles have strengthened thanks to the dynamic sitting on the swopper, so that I have achieved what the orthopedist advised." Annette Gruber, Patent- und Rechtsanwaelte WALLINGER RICKER SCHLOTTER TOSTMANN, 80331 München

My Swopper, the one and only!

"For over ten years now I have been sitting on my swopper for at least eight hours per day, all week. On the swopper ONLY. I do not think there is an alternative to relaxed, stable, and at the same time dynamic sitting. My back and I wish to THANK you. Orbis Naturana with Mr. Paetzelt can be recommended without any restrictions – extremely good service, prompt, competent, and reliable." Mediendesign Hörl, -83413 Pietling

I am very happy with my swopper and enjoy it every day.

"I spend many hours at the computer and had a nice-looking, antique but ergonomically not really valuable chair that I used. A year ago the back of my left thigh began to hurt. I experienced a nagging pain when I got up. I had to change my sitting position continuously, cross one leg, then the other, get up in between, etc. Even my doctor could not tell me what might cause it. I figured circulatory disorders could be precluded, because I am a passionate runner. Things were getting worse and worse though, so that it was not long before I could not sit anywhere without being in pain. Sometime it occurred to me that my beautiful chair might cause the problems, so I ordered your swopper for a one-month test. And lo and behold, the pull became lighter and lighter and is actually not a problem anymore. I am very happy with my swopper and enjoy it every day." Ina Mayer, exxtra-design, 83071 Stephanskirchen

A great chair for everyone

"A great chair for everyone who sits a lot and wants to enjoy work. She and her family are enthused about the swopper office chair. " Frau Heike Taubert, Thüringer Ministerin für Soziales, Familie und Gesundheit besuchte den Stand von Orbis Naturana beim Deutschen Betriebsärzte-Kongress 2012 in Weimar.

Good counseling, uncomplicated order procedure by phone, and fast delivery.

"Hello Mr. Paetzelt, Thanks so much for the trial period, the swopper has totally convinced me and my back. Now that I use it in the office, I get a lot more motion and my "old" office chair is now only in use as a visitor's chair. Sitting in front of the computer is easy to handle with the swopper movement. I can only recommend testing it. I am also convinced by the good counseling, the uncomplicated order procedure, and the fast delivery. Kindest regards to you and your team," Claudia Engel, 84183 Niederviehbach

I look forward to my work every day when I think of my chair.

"Hello Mr. Paetzelt, I have been using the Swoppy for a few days now and I am really very impressed ... What a great chair. I was not able to hold my enthusiasm back and have recommended the chair to lots of nail designers in Germany. Some of them will surely contact you soon. I look forward to my work every day when I think of my chair...;)" (Katja Loyek, NbK Nageldesign, Brüel)

The service you offer is outstanding.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, Thanks a lot for the fast shipment of the swopper felt gliders. These gliders fulfill my requirements, so that I can do without the rollers. The service you offer is outstanding - I can only highly recommend you. Best wishes." (Klaus Pittner, 85238 Petershausen)

The best buy in my life: my swopper!!

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, thanks again for the prompt delivery and the "testing period" you granted for my swopper. A few months have passed since, and it almost seems a miracle has happened. Already after two weeks I noticed a distinct improvement. And now? No more back pain whatsoever, all neck tensions are a thing of the past, even my masseur can't believe it. The best buy in my life: my swopper!! Kind regards from Alsace" (Karin Wilhelm-Thalmann & Associates, F-68420 Husseren les Chateaux)

Your service is really impressive.

"Dear Mr. Paetzelt, I was really happy to receive your message and your service impressed me very much. In my opinion, there are not many who can keep up with you in that respect. I have already paid the invoice amount. I will certainly recommend you and would be glad to hear from you again." (Dr. Matthias Schmidt, Head of Powertrain Logistics, BMW-Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Shenyang, China)

My back is still fine.

"Thanks so much for you fast and friendly reply. Maybe my subjective feeling fooled me, because I had already gotten "out of the habit". I have used the swopper 8 hours per day for many years in my occupation as a goldsmith. My back is still fine. Now I am retired and use the super stool only occasionally. The investment has really paid off. I am very pleased." (Sinta Wegener)

Your service is unique in our days.

"...I wish to thank you with this message. Your service is unique in our days. And the product you sell, the swopper, goes very well with it. I owe it to the "swopper" that my back pain is gone. At the office, where with the various chairs I used to ... continue reading [PDF 546 KB]" (Christian Schneltling, CSF-Medien)

..really no more back or shoulder pain anymore.

"... I have had my swopper since the Munich crafts fair and now wish to let you have my unconditionally positive feedback. After a long workday at my desk I actually no longer have any back or shoulder pain. You really can do without a back rest, which I doubted somewhat in the beginning. Let me thank you for your outstanding service too." (Dr.-Ing. Sabine Koch, Grünecker, Kinkeldey, Stockmair & Schwanhäusser)

Effect: My back feels healthy.

"For professional reasons I spend longer work phases at a desk and have tested almost any office chair on the market. After hours of intensive work I always suffered from back pain and exchanged the office chair. For some time now working at a desk... continue reading [PDF 101 KB]" (Manfred Gerber, Filorosso Webdesign)

For us this purchase has been worthwhile at any rate.

"... For over 2 years now, we have been using the swoppers at almost every screen workplace (11) and are very pleased . All employees confirm that they have less back pain after work since the swoppers have made their entry. For us this purchase, which is by no means cheap, has been worthwhile at any rate." (Birgit Diebel, Ltg. IT / Buchhaltung, erform GmbH)

I would NOT want to miss the swopper anymore.

"...when I bought the swopper from you, I was very much in doubt at first. However, after just a few days I had to admit I would NOT want to miss the swopper anymore. At first I experienced sore back muscles, but now I notice: My back pain is almost gone! Thanks to the fact that you do not sit rigidly on a chair anymore. My burning shoulders in the evening have dissolved into nothingness. My tendon problems at the wrist are gone too. After work, I am no longer all beat, tired, and worn out. My father confirms that as well. I can only recommend the swopper. Of course, it is quite an expenditure at first, but it is really WORTHWHILE and I would invest the money again anytime. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, MR. PAETZELT!" (Martina Kraus/Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm)

...We would not want any other chair.

"...We want to let you have our feedback today, since we have been "swopping" together for some time now. We can but praise the swopper and would not want any other chair. Our bosses were in doubt at first and not sure we would hang on, but now they too sit on them every now and then. In keeping with the slogan "swopping makes you happy", we swing into the new year." (Gaby Hoffmann, EnBW Transportnetze AG)

...proceeded "customer-oriented" in a way that, alas, is not a matter of course anymore nowadays.

"...I want to thank you for your outstanding and reliable customer service upon the repair of the defective swopper in Stuttgart. The approach and appointment arrangement with the colleague who uses the defective swopper, proceeded "customer-oriented" in a way that, alas, is not a matter of course anymore nowadays, which we, however appreciate very much. The same holds true for the subsequent, unbureaucratic, and above all expert repair. For the next swopper affair, be it repair or purchase, I can recommend ORBIS Naturana and particularly you, Mr. Paetzelt, without any restrictions." (Gabriele Stark, Postbeamtenkrankenkasse Stuttgart)

...welcome preventive option when fighting back pain

"The swopper keeps the torso muscles invigorated, prevents malpositions and premature muscular fatigue. These training effects for the spine muscles and the material exchange around the intervertebral discs constitute a welcome preventive possibility to fight back pain." (Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. K. Tittel, Forum gesunder Rücken)

...what counts is a seat that allows for active sitting.

"The swopper has about the same qualities the pezzi ball has; it swings in all planes, but stays fixed on one point." The cuddly-soft executive chair is no longer up-to-date; what counts is a seat that allows for active sitting." (Dr. med. Thomas Wessinghage, Olympiateilnehmer und Orthopäde)

...the swopper serves to prevent and treat back problems

"The active-dynamic sitting element (AdS was the working title for the swopper, remark by editorial staff) provides prevention and treatment of back problems. The active-dynamic sitting element contributes to the realization of the office dynamics "Man and office in motion" and makes the pledge of a substantial improvement of back health in the office." (Dr. med. Bernd Reinhardt, Bundesverbandes der deutschen Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V.)

...the most successful sitting idea

"From a neurophysiological point of view, I consider the swopper the most successful sitting idea; it activates everything therapists have advised their pain-suffering patients under preventive-medical aspects – up to now very often without success." (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. med.h.c. Manfred Zimmermann, Heidelberg)

"The swopper is an active contribution to more back health in life." (Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung)

...with incredible freedom while you sit!

swopper will energize and awaken your physiology as you move with incredible freedom while you sit! Motion is Emotion!“ (Anthony Robbins, Motivationstrainer, USA, u.a. von Bill Clinton und André Agassi)

...a unique alternative to traditional seating...

„Swopper presents a unique alternative to traditional seating by providing a new approach to correct sitting postures and directly addresses the real issues that make sitting such an unhealthy activity.“ (Stephen H. Hochschuler, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon Chairman, Texas Back Institute/USA).

I cannot recommend the Swopper highly enough.

„Over the course of writing 17 books on Body Control Pilates I have experimented with countless ‚back‘ chairs. Finally I have found one that enables me to fidget to my heart’s content while keeping my back in good alignment and pain free... I cannot recommend the Swopper highly enough. It actually makes working at the desk fun!“ (Lynne Robinson, Co-founder of the Body Control Pilates Association, UK)

The swopper follows the body's every movement...

"The swopper follows the body's every movement while encouraging it to change. That way, the natural motion impulses of humans are no longer inhibited but stimulated – continuously and effectively." (Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Leiter der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e. V., Wiesbaden, 2003)