ORBIS Naturana – personal

The people behind the service for healthier sitting


Bernd and Brigitte Paetzelt are the company's head and heart. They are convinced of sitting and living in motion, moving in energy and motivation, and fully committed to comply with the customers' wishes. They stand for premium-quality products and service.


Bernd Paetzelt


Brigitte Paetzelt

Our office staff

In the office, Elisabeth Kellner and Michael Bergmann see to it that things happen and everything stays in motion, staying friendly and committed all the time. They are also "ORBIS Naturana live" on the telephone.


Elisabeth Kellner


Michael Bergmann

Our warehouse staff

Without Patrik Varnvik in the warehouse, practically nothing goes at ORBIS Naturana. Quality control, packaging, and shipment – it is owed to the good interaction between his overview and his hands-on nature that every product arrives at the customer a short time after it was ordered.


Patrik Varnvik