An ergonomic office chair is an orthopedic office chair too

Office chair with three-dimensional mobility for dynamic sitting with lots of motion

People who suffer from back pain, will see an orthopedist. Consequently, an orthopedic office chair is considered to be an especially helpful remedy against back pain and the means of choice in case of a slipped disc. "Orthopedic office chair" is a colloquial expression for an office chair that preventively enables healthy sitting by its superb adaptation to the user's body and its support of his or her exercise needs. So, when we are talking about office chairs, "orthopedic" here means the same as "ergonomic" and stands for dynamic sitting, i.e. sitting with a lot of movement.

Thus, the 3Dee orthopedic office chair is a piece of sitting furniture which will see to it that the user does not sit rigidly and motionlessly in the office. This is most effectively facilitated by a chair that requires continuous balancing of equilibrium. Due to constant posture corrections all muscles and muscular chains as well as the discs are being kept active, just like when you're walking. That provides for good oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles and an invigorated metabolism. The sitting person stays concentrated and relaxed.

Requirements on a back-friendly, "orthopedic" office chair.

Therefore, the most important requirements a chair should fulfill to have the effect of an orthopedic office chair, can be summed up as follows:

  • The sitting surface should be freely movable – requiring continuous compensating movements and allowing for vertical swinging as well – to stimulate complex interaction of legs, pelvis, spine, shoulders, and head. Chairs whose sitting surface is mounted on a spring, automatically enable this three-dimensional flexibility.
  • Moreover, the chair should have a flexible bearing which is close to the floor, so that it can adapt to the sitter's movements, e.g. when he or she turns towards the workplace. When the chair can lean forward, the sitter's spine can maintain its natural double-S shape without having to bend over.
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