Sturdy seat cover with country-style charm – swopper PLATZHIRSCH


The new swopper PLATZHIRSCH by aeris is not only a beauty you want to stroke – it also offers tender loving caresses for the back. Because it is not a coincidence that this swopper is called PLATZHIRSCH – with the word "Platz" meaning room, space. After all, it offers the greatest mobility – and that's what counts when we talk about healthy sitting. On the swopper you can move more than two times as much as on conventional office chairs – which has not only been scientifically proven … You feel it right away, too. The unique 3D technology for active sitting with frequent changes of posture is good for the back ­– and also for the intervertebral discs, the joints, the muscles, and the circulation.

Thus, the PLATZHIRSCH combines the proven 3D sitting technique and the latest interior design look: trendy felt look in Granite Grey, Gentian Blue, or Alpine Rose with alpine embroidery emblem in chalet style. Ultra-modern technology and home region-loving style of living – an exciting combination.

The material: 90 % wool and 10 % polyamides – a guarantee for both high naturalness and good wear resistance. All swopper advantages are maintained: Mobility in three dimensions, rollers of choice, optional backrest, triple adaptability, and ergonomically unique functions. 4 weeks testing and purchase with 3 month money back guarantee – only with Orbis Naturana.

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Bernd Paetzelt, expert for healthy sitting in motion, offers exclusive advantages with regard to counseling, tests, and terms of delivery.

Sitting without back pain – it is possible!

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