The new "swoppermobile": sitting well fast

Orbis Naturana invests in its strengths: Fast delivery and personal service

Sitting better – at once? Testing what sitting in motion can really mean? When you want more movement, Orbis Naturana boss Bernd Paetzelt will set everything in motion.

The new swoppermobile: sitting well fast

Now with the "swoppermobile", a racy FORD TRANSIT with 155 HP and a large luggage compartment – for many swoppers, muvmans and 3Dees. They all bring more movement into every workspace and make health promotion from now on noticeable to the body, with a lot of fun. In large companies and small businesses just as in private life.

With generous test placements, free delivery, and multifaceted leasing options – e.g. for fair periods, temporarily enhanced workforce, for pregnant employees and the like – Orbis Naturana makes it easy on everyone to get to know the motion-stimulating active chairs by aeris, live and without obligations. According to agreement and timing Orbis Naturana boss Bernd Paetzelt will be happy to bring your favorite chair to your desk or the office personally. Fast and with profound on-site instructions. For a better sitting feeling and more movement and well-being in daily life. In "no time at all".