25 years Jahre of Orbis Naturana – an occasion to be celebrated

Orbis Naturana: Uncompromising in quality and service since it was established in 1988

For Bernd Paetzelt, master joiner and certified wood technician, his customers' benefit has always taken center stage. Even though the object of the company has changed in the course of the years.

From 1988 to 1992 it was all about quality solid-wood furniture, then a store with a small specialized assortment around the Hüsler Nest mattress system was added. At that time already, Orbis Naturana capitalized on cooperation with market leaders.

Reorientation around 2000: no more in-house production but focus on back problems with products in the fields of lying, sitting, and standing. The conventional concept used in specialized stores was turned upside down: Specialist shop without a shop. Orbis Naturana's slogan is: "It's not us who tell the customers what is good for them; instead, we offer them the possibility to find out for themselves."

And that works with perfect service: Testing without obligation in the office or at home over a period of 4 weeks minimum, "money back" guarantee for the full price up to 3 months after purchase, personal instruction, nationwide free delivery and pickup service.

Since the beginning of 2012 Orbis Naturana exclusively offers products by aeris Impulsmöbel: swopper, 3Dee, muvman and swoppster.

25 years Jahre of Orbis Naturana – an occasion to be celebrated.