Ergonomics at the workplace means today: Motion at the office

An ergonomic office chair is an investment in your health

Ergonomics at the workplace has the aim to configure the workplace in a way that will keep the working person healthy (health protection), prevents illness (prevention), and will enable full productivity. So who wants to equip his workplace ergonomically, has to get the prerequisites straight that humans need to stay healthy. In doing so, work place ergonomics takes every detail individually and combined into consideration: Light, noise, distances, postures, and – recently come into the focus of attention – the motion behavior or the motion possibilities offered by the workplace, respectively.

Here, the desk chair plays a central role. Because an ergonomically valuable office chair nowadays enables dynamic sitting, which means: Lots of movement and accompanying changes of posture that keep body and mind active, counteract back problems, and stimulate concentration and attention, meaning productivity.

Natural behavior as a model for workplace ergonomics

When you design an ergonomic workplace while keeping man's nature and his evolution history in mind, you will easily find the right criteria for action, which should be consistently geared to stimulation of motion. Because: Man is an "active creature". When he wanted to eat in primeval times – he had to hunt or gather first. When he was confronted with wild animals, he had to run for his life. Staying alive involved a lot of movement. That is why the entire system of humans is designed for motion: Muscles and heart stay productive when they have to "work" regularly. And the entire metabolism functions better when it is kept invigorated. Not to mention the brain, which is switched off or shifted down when the body comes to rest.

Our present-day body is substantially identical to Stone Age man's. The living conditions have completely changed though. We hardly have to move to be able to eat or be safe. We are surrounded by convenience – which does not necessarily mean we feel better. Quite the contrary. Lifestyle diseases reveal: Lack of activity makes humans ill. Numerous recent studies document that fact.

Modern workplace design takes into account: People need "exercise" – even in the office.

Lack of activity makes you ill. Sick employees are less productive than healthy ones. Maybe they are even unable to work, causing downtime costs and reorganisations. Ergonomic workplace design aims at keeping humans healthy and thus productive. That is real health care and health protection – a positive win-win situation with advantages for both sides.

Nowadays, workplace ergonomics as a prerequisite for good performance has to implement the findings of our time. That means: When equipping an ergonomic workplace for an employee, it is not sufficient that certain distances between both eyes and screen and between desk and desk chair are correct – ideally, modern ergonomics offer numerous motion opportunities at the workplace.

An ergonomic office chair is at the center of an ergonomic workplace.

Man has to move a lot in order to stay healthy and productive. At the focus of knowledge we see: It's all about continuous motion. Loss of motion cannot be caught up on. Thus, sports after work cannot compensate eight hours of sitting still. It's about automatic, intuitive, spontaneous, highly complex motion throughout the day.

That is why ergonomic office chairs become increasingly important. Because in today's offices still up to app. 80 per cent of the worktime is spent sitting. That means that the motion is lost when you sit. Therefore it has to be brought back to sitting people. The dynamic office chair is at the center of an ergonomic workplace. Ergonomic sitting today means: Dynamic sitting, meaning: with movement. With as much movement as possible. And on top of that: With as much natural movement as possible.

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