Orbis Naturana – the home of healthy sitting. A look behind the scenes

Experts by experience – swopper & co by conviction: Orbis Naturana employees know what they are talking about. Active sitting and standing – from scratch

Fit for business by moving more at the workplace – that is what Bernd Paetzelt, founder and manager of Orbis-Naturana, believes in. And he knows what he is talking about. He has experienced it. And so have his employees.

The decision for the active sitting furniture by aeris over 20 years ago has paid off: A one-person business has expanded to a highly professional consulting service and online shop for active sitting and working that has created a number of jobs in the area.

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A small garage developed into a storage room with 300 square meters containing 700 products and product parts. Our own logistics system sees to it that immediately after an order has been received, every wish – swopper, muvman, 3Dee, oyo, or swoppster – is prepared for shipment in no time: Mounting, checking, packing – and off you go! The Orbis Natura delivery service is unbeatably fast.

Unbeatable, that’s what the Orbis Naturana consulting service is as well. The reason: Every employee knows every product. From his or her daily work at the office. By experience. Active sitting and standing – this is where it is lived. In bright, pleasant surroundings.

Elated by the products themselves, elated by a philosophy that has proved itself in everyday life, motivated by their own experience and the large positive feedback from customers … Every day, the Orbis Naturana team proves to be fit „for business“ with the active office chairs and active sitting furniture by aeris.

It is shown by the picture with the glass marbles: Every marble stands for a swopper we have sold …