Dynamic sitting at the office – more energy and a healthy back

Because a workplace in motion is a back-friendly workplace

Especially in view of the fact that back problems have come to be a widespread disease, science has concentrated on the effects of movement and incorrect movement on health for years. Working back-friendly, a back-friendly office chair, dynamic sitting to prevent slipped discs are being investigated, various systems compared and checked with regard to their motion potential.

In doing so, a distinction is made between beneficial and harmful movements. Linear, monotonous, and forced, thus unnatural movements (such as assembly line work and the like) are rated as negative. Positive ratings are received by complex, spontaneous movements, being movements which are not foreseeable and require more brain activity, e.g. deciding about balance, (hiking, playing ball, etc.). Thus, a back-friendly workplace should offer many incentives for natural, spontaneous movements.

Bad to begin with: 4 seconds without movement

Rigid body postures are among the movements that are not beneficial for humans. A body posture with a duration of more than 4 seconds is already considered to be a rigid body posture. The movement of the tensed muscles is minimal or even equals zero. There is no alternating pattern of exertion and relaxation. Rigid body postures strongly burden the musculoskeletal system (back pain) and constitute a high health risk. Only motion will set about numerous physical processes that keep body and mind occupied, thus keeping them fit and active.

A workplace in motion is a back-friendly workplace

The central element of a workplace "in motion" is an office chair with mobility, thus back-friendliness, such as the swopper 3D office chair or the 3Dee Active Office Chair. Three-dimensionally flexible office chairs enable dynamic sitting, which most accomodates man's natural movement pattern. Like when you are running, all muscles and nerves in the entire body are being used. That keeps you fit, prevents back pain or muscular tension right from the start, activates the brain, and also keeps the concentration awake longer.

Back problems are a cry for help from the body

80 percent of present-day back problems are caused by prolonged, rigid sitting. The invertebral discs are being loaded unilaterally, they dry out so to speak, which increases the risk of suffering from slipped discs. A problem that often needs years to develop this way. And that can be counteracted by using back-friendly office chairs.

What does an anti-backpain office chair look like?

A back-friendly chair is an office chair that prevents rigid sitting positions and guarantees that the user can assume a back-friendly work posture. For stimulation of the intervertebral discs it is a proven principle that the workchair is mounted on a spring, so that it swings when the user sits down or gets up, meaning that it can adapt to its user and his or her exercise needs.

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