The ergonomic office chair swopper – at the workplace and at home

Active office sitting furniture and standing aids: swopper, swoppster, muvman, 3Dee and oyo

Health and ergonomics – at the workplace and at home.

People today live mostly against their nature: Originally they were meant to be hunters and gatherers with a highly specialized musculoskeletal system. However, now a single posture determines our everyday life: Sitting. The consequences of this inactivity are serious: Back pain and muscular tension have developed to become a widespread disease.

Aeris swopper video

Bernd Paetzelt, founder and manager of ORBIS Naturana, has therefore specialized in ergonomic chairs that bring more movement back into daily life and thus make it healthier, happier, and more "humane": The innovative products by aeris, swopper, swoppster, muvman and 3Dee.

Get to know this interesting active-seats program for more health and wellbeing. ORBIS Naturana offers comprehensive service and favorable conditions, making it easy to benefit from this chance for more quality of life on an everyday basis.